Financial Planning Mackay

Financial Planning Mackay


Rebrand local financial planning firm.

After working as part of a franchise where branding was decided for them, the opportunity to create their own branding was really exciting to Michelle and Mark of Financial Planning Mackay.

To put it really simply, the essence of the branding can be found in the name:

  • Financial Planning: Mark and the team are professional, intelligent, numbers-y people who grow and protect their client’s wealth all day every day.
  • Mackay: Mark and the team are also very funny and approachable local people who encourage an in-person chat and will take the time to explain the very smart numbers-y stuff in an understandable way.

We decided to use design to showcase that sleek and solid side, whereas copy and images have been used to portray the more relatable information. Either way, Financial Planning Mackay is a unique player in the space so we needed a brand identity that stood apart from the rest. Market research showed that most other firms in the local space utilised blue and red. After going through a few colour variations, a monochromatic scheme was decided upon with a touch of metallic. This created a classic and strong feel with a hint of luxury. It’s about infusing the traditional with the innovative.

Michelle, other than being a smart numbers-y person, might fancy herself an artist after her preliminary logo sketches. This is what guided the design and after many (MANY) revisions, we landed on the three dimensional badge style that exists today. I like to imagine the logo as a real living thing that, if constructed, could stand on its own – each element of the branding is strong and bold, including the hexagon motif. This is where a touch of the friendly nature of FPM was introduced – in the rounded edges seen throughout the design. It adds a touch of softness to reduce some of that stigma that some people feel about engaging a financial planner. As with all branding projects, we then produced several variations so that the logo performs well wherever it is seen.

Once the brand was designed, an entire media kit was required. This included the design of business cards, brochures, notepads, booklets, and pull up banners. There are a few common elements present across the collection including an inner border and hexagons. Some colour was introduced in select print documents later to fit into branding with a provider.

Before long it was time to launch and we were also engaged to assist with social media management. In this space, our goal is to showcase more of the lifestyle around FPM and how non-intimidating financial planning can be. It’s a platform for motivating and empowering prospective clients.


We often get positive feedback on the new look and feel.

Ashleigh Lawson and Allways Digital have been helping us with our branding and image for our new business. What has been prepared is a professional image that represents the business well and provides a constant image. Thank you Ashleigh.

mark Mcconnell | financial planning mackay

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