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Rebrand a local chiropractic clinic with new modern approach

Move It Chiropractic is a local chiropractic clinic owned by Dr Suzanne Kippen. Suzanne has worked in the community at Gray’s Chiropractic for over 12 years and when the opportunity arose for her to take ownership of her branch, she jumped at it. To help differentiate from other Gray’s branches, Suzanne contacted me to begin the rebrand process.

Suzanne warned me from the beginning that she would be difficult – she insisted that she’s very picky and it would take her a long while to come to a decision. To me, her dedication to doing things properly not quickly shone through from the beginning. Yes, we went through plenty of revisions, but we have collaborated to end up with a brand identity that truly represents Suzanne’s clinic.

To keep things simple, we worked without colour initially to craft the logo mark. Our focus was to feel energetic, alive, and family orientated. I don’t know if you’ve ever googled “chiropractic logo” but…they all kinda look the same. We noticed this in local competitors too – plenty of curved abstract lines. While we gave these shapes a chance, we ended up with quite a different logo mark. The final version represents three people connected, mirroring the look of a human spine. This was the perfect way to keep everything feeling active and community based.

Next, we moved onto colour – which was a bit of a process. From the beginning, Suzanne loved purple but was hesitant about using it in her logo. Her doubts are ones I’ve heard before: that purple is too feminine and might alienate her male demographic. First of all, it’s 2022, I think we can let go of gender attachments to colours. I then went on to explain that purple is actually quite a warm and welcoming colour, whilst also feeling innovative and modern. This perfectly captures Suzanne and her team – as well as her target audience. Being located in the centre of town, Move It Chiropractic is perfect for the busy local family who need to pop in for an adjustment without running all over town. Rather than using a harsh black tone, we opted for navy for the text elements. When we added a last minute tagline, the softest purple shade balanced it perfectly.


OMG Ashleigh from Allways Digital is amazing.

I’d known her from networking circles for a while before I started new journey. She gave me confidence and certainty that I am not alone in the rebranding process. From helping me with my the design of my new logo to newspaper ads to uniforms colours to website to social media. It is all the little touches that make it all come together. Ashleigh has helped me so much with starting my own business and all the marketing needs. If it’s not in her wheelhouse, she has directed me in the right direction. Ashleigh is up to date with the latest trends and designs – she definitely know her stuff. She has understood my vision and made it come to life. If you are thinking of rebranding or new a change in your marketing I would highly recommend Ashleigh.

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