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To establish a sleek brand for a new trades service.

Aaron from Arrow Construction & Maintenance is a bit of an anomaly in a few ways. As a tradie (strike 1) starting their own business (strike 2) I wasn’t expecting someone so organised and with such a clear vision. Believe me, I understand 100%, getting a business setup in the right way is no easy feat. Thankfully, Aaron had plans for Arrow for a long time and knew that investing in solid branding and marketing was pivotal to getting his business off on the right foot.

The vibe of the branding included: sleek, modern and professional. This is a clear departure from the “rough as guts” tradespeople who slap an MS Paint-looking logo on their car and hope for the best. Arrow Construction & Maintenance is a professional yet approachable option for those in the market who prioritise a high quality finish. The logo mark was based (as you may expect) on an arrow shape that also reflected an A. After playing with a few iterations, a simplistic yet bold mark was decided upon. To add texture, the orange gradient was selected. We went with a strong and legible typeface that we tweaked to feel more custom to Arrow. Simple, understated, strong. As with most of our branding designs, we created a “responsive” logo that looks just as good landscape, stacked, or even as a tiny little social media icon.

While we created the logo, Aaron got started with his first few jobs and began preparing some project before and after photos. In this case, we encouraged Arrow to delay launching their social media pages until the branding was finalised. This is often the first thing a new startup does, but waiting sure did pay off. After designing some custom banners and graphics, the social launch was super successful – Aaron was booked out months in advance in no time. Clients could visit the page and see a consistent, professional brand and a library of completed projects AKA social proof that showed the quality of Arrow Construction.

From here, we created a compact yet effective website with the vision that we will edit the site as Arrow grows. It provides customers with the basic details about services and encourages them to contact Aaron directly for a quote.

This was then paired with a larger media kit including business cards, notepads, magnets, pens, and the tradie classic: stubby coolers. Arrow Construction is the client that we typically work best with as we grow together, continually expanding Aaron’s online presence and marketing efforts as needed.


I’ve had such a fantastic experience with Ashleigh.

She’s transformed my vision for Arrow Construction & Maintenance into a reality. From initially creating the branding and logo, to the website, email, socials and the design/supply of all the merchandise. Ashleigh has exceeded expectations through out the whole process and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Aaron Durelli | Arrow construction & Maintenance

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