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Ultra Essence


Create a more luxe and consistent feel across all marketing.

Ultra Essence is an award-winning day spa based in Mackay and also my personal haven. They are the dream client – I was already a customer and straight up fangirl of Ultra Essence before they came on board with Allways Digital. To understand the situation, let me set the scene: walking into the spa is like waking into another world where stress doesn’t exist. Does. Not. Exist.

As a chronic overthinker, you can imagine how wonderfully relaxing this place must be. Going to Ultra Essence is a truly transformative experience that you feel grateful for every time. So what’s the problem? Their branding did not reflect this in any way. While their initial logo is understated and beautiful, there was a lack of consistency in their overall online presence. Like many small businesses, the approach to marketing at this stage was quite ad-hoc and not managed by a single agency or designer. This led to the brand being underrepresented in online spaces, particularly their website. The website did not align with the luxe and serene feel of the spa at all. False advertisement but the bad kind.

I came on board initially to tackle just the website, which was a mammoth task in itself. One of the first obstacles we faced was the sheer amount of content featured on the website. With dozens of services and hundreds of products, there was a lot of information to convey. Remember, we are thinking about relaxation and rejuvenation – not content overwhelm. For this reason, the decision was made to create a minimalist and clean layout using a grid format that was heavy on white space. Each content grid is balanced with stunning custom photography. This helped elevate the aesthetic even more and paired beautifully with the minimal colour palette.

Once we diagnosed the aesthetic issues, it was time for the functionality improvements. Since there are plenty of pages, we limited the amount of clicks wherever possible – we wanted customers to find the relevant information quickly. This meant consolidating a lot of information, which was good for user experience as well as SEO. We also used “feature elements” to pull focus to the most vital actions we wanted customers to take – like highlighting the Book Now button in the menus.

That took care of the static website content, so it was time to deal with the shop. Once again, the reorganisation of content was key here. Additional filtering and categorisation made it much easier to browse the vast catalogue. We also got to add some cool functionality like gift cards and alternate payment methods. Finally, we integrated the store with Facebook & Instagram Shopping, making it easy for the spa to promote their products on social media.

The result is a website and online store that better reflects the brand and has increased sales of both products and services. Following the website launch, we have also designed multiple pieces of graphic design for in-spa promotional needs.


OMG Ashleigh from Allways Digital is amazing.

I’d known her from networking circles for a while before I started new journey. She gave me confidence and certainty that I am not alone in the rebranding process. From helping me with my the design of my new logo to newspaper ads to uniforms colours to website to social media. It is all the little touches that make it all come together. Ashleigh has helped me so much with starting my own business and all the marketing needs. If it’s not in her wheelhouse, she has directed me in the right direction. Ashleigh is up to date with the latest trends and designs – she definitely know her stuff. She has understood my vision and made it come to life. If you are thinking of rebranding or new a change in your marketing I would highly recommend Ashleigh.

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