What is Digital Marketing?

The term ‘digital marketing’ has become so common that it has almost lost meaning. And, while many people are correct in assuming digital marketing encompasses your website and social media, we’d wager that you aren’t utilising these platforms to the best of their ability. Limiting yourself to just the basic uses can be detrimental to your business growth as you would be essentially cut off from a whole raft of potential marketing avenues. So, let’s take a look at what digital marketing really means and how you can fully utilise it to grow your business.

To understand digital marketing, you first need to know how users are interacting with digital technology. Australians are spending, on average, 5.5 hours on the internet daily. This time is spread across streaming services, social media, apps, emails and general web surfing.

How does this information help you? Well, it tells you where you need to be targeting your digital marketing efforts. So, think about how effectively you are utilising your website, social media and emails to put your business in front of those internet users.

Starting with social media, ask yourself, which platforms suit you and your business? And, which platforms are your customers likely to use? For example, most users are on Facebook and/or Instagram. But there are also white-collar professionals on LinkedIn, artistic creators on Pinterest, vloggers on YouTube, millennials on Snapchat etc. So, how many of these demographics has your business touched?

If the answer is only those on Facebook, then it may be time to consider creating a presence on another platform or two. Spreading your reach by creating a presence across the right platforms can open your business to far more customers. Also, created targeted ads on these platforms will expose your business even further.

But, what about those that aren’t on social media or don’t use it daily? The latest Sensis data shows that only 80% of Australia’s population regularly use social media. So, that leaves you with a staggering number of people who may be completely oblivious to your social media presence. This is where we would recommend you target those users with an email campaign.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. You need only send out an email once a week to let your clients, or potential customers, know you are still open for business. The emails can be filled out with your latest specials, your most recent blog, or even just a wrap-up of your weekly jobs.

At allways digital, we like to say that your website is the anchor of your online presence. This is because your website is where your customers need to go to locate the most information about you. So, having an effective website which is responsive and kept up-to-date is essential in letting your customers know who you are and what your business is about. Targeting paid ads for your website is also an effective way of ensuring that your business is reaching more of the right consumers.

Everything we have covered here is just scratching the surface of how digital marketing can help you reach new customers. To find out more or to get started with a digital marketing campaign, please get in touch.