Stay Relevant with A Social Media Plan

In a world where we don’t know what is happening from one day to the next, many consumers are yearning for stability wherever it can be found. As a business owner, you can offer that steadiness to your consumers via social media.

It’s not surprising that since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, social media usage has risen worldwide. In the last 12 months, 346 million new users have come online. And, across the board, social media usage is up: users are now spending an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes per day multi-networking across 8 social media platforms. So, with that many users literally at your fingertips, now is the time to get your brand in front of them.

• Solidify your Social Media Persona

As a business, the key to making an impact on social media is to have a solid plan. This starts with getting your branding right, from the outset.

Everything from your logo, to your colour scheme, to what hashtags you use says something to your consumer. Having mismatched branding tells your consumer that your business is disorganised. But when it is all on point, you are showing your customers that you are a reliable business with something to say.

Also, having regular branding colours and a recognisable logo subtly implants your business in your consumers’ minds. So the next time they need your products or services, they will know exactly who to call.

• Get a Plan in Place

Whether you are trying to generate more business or are merely broadening your reach, having a plan will help you get there faster. Things to consider when creating your social media strategy are:

  • keep your ideal client in mind;
  • have a clear objective; and
  • diversify the posts are little, i.e. share a favourite product or service, share an interesting business insight, share a customer review etc.

Once you know your strategy, then you can work out a schedule. We recommend using a calendar to help you keep on track. When curating the calendar, keep the following in mind:

  • how often you want to post,
  • on which platforms
  • what you want to say.

• The Social Side of Social Media

Interacting with your clients on social media should also be a high priority. After all, it’s not called ‘social’ media for no reason. So, whenever a customer comments, engage with them by liking their comments, answering questions or even starting conversations. This will help solidify the relationship and can encourage more comments which can lead to new customers.

• If all this sounds too much …

We understand if all of this seems like an overwhelming amount of work. After all, you didn’t start your business to simply promote it; you want to be in there doing the work you love! Fortunately, Allways Digital has a solution for you.

Our Social Media Management plans may be your saving grace when it comes to self-promotion. Our packages are designed to do all of the above and take the stress out of social for you.

For $180 a month, we will:

  • Prepare your strategy curated to your branding guidelines;
  • Create and share 4 customised graphics across 3 platforms
  • Share 2 articles or stories across 3 platforms
  • Provide you with a set of free holiday graphics
  • Monitor the activity on your socials and provide you with a comprehensive monthly report
  • Carry out quarterly audits and discuss the results and tweak the strategy (if necessary)

All posts are still fully controlled by you so you will be able to log in, proof and edit your posts before and after publication.

So, what are you waiting for? Get back to doing what you love, while we handle the stress of your social media management. Contact Allways Digital to get started today!