How our Continuous Learning helps you beat your Competitors

At the end of February this year, I attended a three-day-long conference run by Digital Marketers Australia. It was an enlightening, albeit exhausting, convention with numerous panels, seminars and opportunities for networking. Now, you may be thinking, I am only a few years out of university, surely digital marketing hasn’t changed that much to warrant attending these sorts of events. But, just like any other qualified professional, I look at conferences such as this as mandatory education to keep my skills and knowledge up to date.

While most of the content covered was only a slight update to that which I already knew, I did learn some new skills. I also gained confirmation that some of my strategies were already on point. Here are a few of my takeaways from the conference:

• The Digital Marketing Landscape changes frequently

Online marketing, as a medium, is young. Over the last 30 years, the evolution of technology, saw consumers introduced to the internet, then came personalised computers followed by mobile phones which were able to connect to the aforementioned internet. With all of these changes in a veritable short timeframe, digital marketers were forced to upskill to stay relevant. The same is true for marketers in today’s digital marketing landscape.

Think about it, in 2018 Helo was the most downloaded app amongst Good Play and iOS users. Yet, in 2020, that app doesn’t even make the top 10 list of most downloaded apps. Yet, TikTok which took a little while to build up popularity, is now one of the most popular apps amongst millennials.

Even popular stalwarts like Instagram and Facebook change with the way users interact with the platform. The same can be said for the internet with consumers’ search actions, advertising reactions, and online movements changing each year.

• How to use this knowledge to stay relevant

One of the critical confirmations I got from attending the Digital Marketers Australia conference was how to interpret and use digital marketing trends and data to an advantage for my clients. Understanding more about consumer interaction is essential for effective marketing because every 60 seconds, 3.3 million people are interacting with Facebook alone. So, knowing the methods of visibility to be seen above this mass of content will give my clients an advantage.

But this conference also confirmed my belief that measuring desired outcomes along with the data, was just as important as the data itself. Because there is no point in analysing specific streams of data if they aren’t going to benefit a client’s business. So, knowing what the desired outcome is, and then reviewing that precise metric is how I can create a greater impact for my clients.

• Seamless Content

One of the seminars I attended was about content creation. It reaffirmed to me the need for marketing campaigns to have a curated feel to them. That is when creating content for your website, social media and email campaigns they must all flow seamlessly and feel like equal parts of a bigger campaign. Fortunately, my clients are already able to access this with my Brand and Identity Design package.

• Transparency and the Human Touch

Nobody likes to be sold to. Rather, today’s consumer wants to know who they are dealing with and how your business can add value to their life. While influencers are still popular in today’s marketing climate, there is a growing shift toward more intimate or personalised styles of marketing. In this way, marketing is taking a swing back to its more traditional roots of relatability or fixing of a problem for a consumer.

My commitment to continuous learning is helping me stay agile in an ever-changing market. And, in essence, by my knowing the rate at which digital media changes and how to stay abreast of it, I am also able to help my clients also maximise their reach. So, if you want the benefit of my increasing knowledge and experience for your business, contact me today.